Use dermal fingerprint reading for maximum security and personnel authentication

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immigration bail illegal workersWhen immigration officials searched caravans used as employee accommodation in a Gwynedd abattoir’s car park they discovered illegal workers. The offenders were of various nationalities, said the border control agency of the men (one of whom worked as a cleaner), at the Sher Foods depot in Caernarfon. Two were arrested and remain in detention pending their removal from the UK, while two others placed on immigration bail. They must report weekly to a local police station while arrangements are made to deport them.

Easy to use Access Control Wales software and systems, which enable you to know who exactly is present is in your workplace and who is attempting to gain access, include biometric dermal fingerprint reading for maximum security and personnel authentication. Authorised personnel gain entry via their contactless smart card at a door, gate or other access point, and biometric scanner provides a twofold security level. Sensor Monitoring detects forced entries, while using a WinACnet software Audit Trail shows who gained access (or was denied) at any location at any time.

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