Windows™ based system restricts access to unauthorised personnel

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id scam Welsh Federation businessThe Federation of Small Businesses in Wales warned about fraudsters stealing the identity of legitimate business and using their credit records to obtain goods. Janet Jones, FSB Welsh policy chairwoman, said: “This type of fraud is simple to commit, and potentially devastating to small businesses. It is terrifyingly easy to steal the identity of a company just by changing company documentation.”

She continued: “Without a great deal of knowledge or effort, a fraudster can change the registered office, trading address and even the names of directors, without them knowing. The fraudsters can order goods from current or new suppliers to be sent to the new address. Any supplier carrying out a check on the details kept at Companies House will trust the company’s own well-established credit rating.”

If your company is worried about unscrupulous people trying to access the premises using identity fraud, then software from Access Control Wales is the latest in our proven range of Windows™ based Access Control products, from simple door and registration point control, through to a fully computerised global networked system. Seamless interfaces are available to our other systems of Attendance Monitoring and Visitor Control. For example, your entrance gate or barrier can be linked to our smart card system so that only those authorised can enter.

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