Workplace access software creates alarm messages when forced entry occurs

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conman prison Swansea Crown Court Pontarddulais fraud Access Control Wales alarm messages forced entry alarms employee security profile access point fast-scanning proximity read smart cardsIt is now a year since a Swansea conman went on the run. Martin Evans failed to return to prison in August 2011 after he was let out for a weekend in Swansea. His trial at Swansea Crown Court heard that Evans, from Pontarddulais, had turned to fraud when the successful double glazing firm he owned in Port Talbot dipped. One of his frauds netted a fortune by promising investors a 70 per cent return on their money, the court heard.

Access Control Wales supplies easy to use workplace Access Control Software, WinACnet, which creates alarm messages when a forced entry occurs. These alarms are immediately emailed to a specified address. When an employee attempts to pass through an Access Control point, the clock will compare the individual’s security profile with the access point’s profile. The security profiles used are based upon the day and time of day of the attempted access. Access is granted via fast-scanning proximity read smart cards.

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